christmas-xml-feed Patience Brewster Nativity Golda the Horse Figure Celebrate the spirit of Christmas with the Nativity collection from Patience Brewster by MacKenzie-Childs. An ever-expanding group of handmade and hand-painted figures tells the story of the first Christmas in a colorful and captivating way. The Patience Brewster Nativity Golda the Horse Figure brings the Magi Melchior to the Nativity scene. Golda has a gold-leafed crown, polished hooves, and carries the sacred gift of gold.9" tallStone and resin. Handmade and painted in the Philippines.  shopify_GB_8095430443233 shopify_GB_8095430443233_44078916337889 new 99.00 GBPin stock Mackenzie Childs 08-30217H home accessories 0.0 kg Christmas Magic Swirl Glass Ornaments - Set of 6 Make your tree merry and bright with our set of six Christmas Magic Swirl Glass Ornaments. These hand-painted glittered ornaments feature red, green, black, and white swirled patterns in three different shapes. Think of these as extraordinary basics that will add extra shine and fullness to your tree.3.75" dia.Glass Pieces may vary due to the handmade nature of each product. Imported.Dust with soft, dry cloth. Store in box to prevent breakage. shopify_GB_8082366791905 shopify_GB_8082366791905_44042166042849 new 113.00 GBPin stock Mackenzie Childs 53913-1401 home accessories 0.0 kg Patience Brewster Dash Away Blitzen's Elf Ornament Dash Away, inspired by the Christmas classic “’Twas the Night Before Christmas,” features Santa’s eight reindeer ready to take flight around the world, assisted by their delightfully dedicated elves, Santa, and Mrs. Santa. The Patience Brewster Dash Away Blitzen’s Tree Elf Ornament features Blitzen’s Tree Elf in his winter finery. He brings a tiny tree and a small dove, a symbol of peace for the holiday season. Arrives with a ribbon hanger to decorate your tree but also stands on his own.4.5" tallStone and resin. Handmade and hand-painted in the Philippines.  shopify_GB_8081300553953 shopify_GB_8081300553953_44039414284513 new 64.00 GBPin stock Mackenzie Childs 08-30664 Accessories 0.0 kg