Konstantinos Zouganelis

Konstantinos was born in Greece where he lived until he graduated from university. Son of a sailor, he grew up with the travel bug that he inherited from his father; he traveled extensively and spent the last 25 years living in Florence, Chicago, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Zürich. 

For the past 10 years, Konstantinos has been shooting almost exclusively architectural details from a minimalistic, almost subtractive, perspective capturing a ‘parallel’ image, an internal reality, other than that surrounding the structures he shoots. In his photography one can identify an esoteric journey unravelling alongside his physical ones, where the subjective experience manifests itself through the ample interaction with his surroundings. Konstantinos’s focus on man-made structures only implies the human presence without allowing it to be at the forefront of his visual language. 

Konstantinos currently lives and works in London.