Merve Bayindir

MERVE BAYINDIR the eponymous couture millinery brand. Originating in Turkey and currently choosing London as their base for creativity and design bring a different and fresh take to the Uk offering for the most sought after accessory.

Merve Bayindir, is a female led millinery brand for the timeless stylish woman who respects and understands quality and recognizes the art of how to wear hats. Chic and self confident are the words to best describe the women who wear Merve. Those who do not wish to blend in to a crowd are the women merve caters for, a queen in her own right, the Merve woman is a strong and striking female, echoed by the structure and colour choices for Merve’s collections. The brainchild of a mother and daughter team, Yasemin Bayindir and Merve Bayindir. They began their brand in 2011, but their story begins many years before...