MacKenzie-Childs Parchment Check Paper Towel Holder

Every kitchen needs a MacKenzie-Childs Parchment Check Paper Towel Holder, hand-painted checks on enamel, with wood base, and glass finial.
  • Unique and conversational starter luxury ceramics, MacKenzie-Childs are the beginning of a lifelong collection, to mix and match
  • Material: Enamelled heavy-gauge steel, wood base
  • Dimensions: 8.5" dia., 14" tall


Parchment Check was inspired by love letters; Creative Director, Rebecca Proctor, one day found some letters that her grandparents had written during courtship. One was especially dear, as it had been opened and folded back up many times, causing a checkerboard pattern. So, that was the inspiration, the aged paper soft colour and contrast, where the paper was folded to form the checks.



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