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Seletti Kintsugi Inspired Glass n2

Seletti Kintsugi Inspired Glass n2

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Kintsugi Japanese art assumes contemporary shapes; The delicate glass is glorified and enriched with gold fragments for a tableware collection made of charming and unexpected compositions
  • Dimensions: ø Cm.7,6 h. 10,5
  • Design: Marcantonio
  • Material: Glass and Gold
  • This lovely glass is made with the inspiration of Kintsugi, which is a Japanese philosophy based on loving the imperfections. It wasn't broken and it has no cracks. It has golden paintings like cracks



    Italian designer Stefano Seletti's mission is to create a (R)evolution, putting the "R" in brackets; From Revolution to Evolution, this is his way to go. Contemporary, ironic, fun, unapologetic, democratic design.

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